Saint-John’s Wort & Mint Face Oil (mixed skin)


Properties: St. John’s wort oil extract is one of the best natural substances that normalizes functioning of face’s sebaceous glands. The extract provides antiseptic and antibacterial effect, also facilitates normalization of skin’s hydro-lipid layer: oily skin becomes less oily, while mixed skin’s dry patches stop dehydrating. The extract, along with hazelnut and peach kennel oils, delivers rosemary, eucaliptus and pepperming essential oils into the deep layers of epidermis. Thanks to the contraction of pores skin smoothens and acquires healthy matte appearance.

Ingredients: Saint-John’s Wort Oil Extract, Hazelnut Oil, Peach Kernel Oil, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Mint Essential Oils.

Usage: Oil is applied to clean wet face with light massaging touches. It’s crucial to leave oil applied for 15-20 minutes, pat-drying the remainder afterwards. This oil can be used once or twice a day as a morning and evening care and nutrition routine

Size: 30 ml


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