Poppy Seed & Tea Tree Oil (mixed skin)


Properties: Poppy seed oil is valued for its high content of linoleic acid. This polyunsaturated fatty acid helps to transport biologically active substances into the deep layers of skin, helping it to get rid of dryness, flakiness and inflammations. Essential oils of tea tree, cyprus, and tropical verbena provide protective, soothing, disinfectant and antiseptic action.

Ingredients: Poppy Seed, Grape Seed Oil, Almond Oil, Tea Tree, Cypress, Tropical Verbena Essential Oils.

Usage: Oil is applied to clean wet face with light massaging touches. It’s crucial to leave oil applied for 15-20 minutes, pat-drying the remainder afterwards. This oil can be used once or twice a day as a morning and evening care and nutrition routine

Size: 30 ml


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