Massage gift card, facial massage oils



Everybody knows that massage can make miracles, especially in combination with organic cleansing, hydration and nourishment. It’s a great way to firm up facial contours, relieve stress, restore skin’s healthy colour, as well as to simply improve one’s moods and raise self-confidence. In cooperaton with esthetician and massage therapist Julia Shiryaeva, we offer you a super gift for the whole year of 2021. Our nice-looking package includes Ayurvedic vegan cosmetics – massage oil and facial skincare oil with aromatic essences – and a massage gift card. Take this beauty survival kit along and come for meridian massage to Julia.

Julia will be going from one energy point to another – smoothing, relaxing and toning up your face’s skin. In brief, she will make you feel heavenly. What we especially like about our programme, is that you don’t have to depend on products usually employed by a cosmetologist or face massagist. You can book Julia here: + 37256934988. Duration of massage is around 1 hour, the location is Suur-Patarei 2, 10415 Tallinn. We wish everyone beauty and health!


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