Jojoba & Fennel Eye Cream

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 this creamy mask improves appearance of the skin in the facial area, flattens tiny wrinkles, helps to relieve the symptoms of visual fatigue, normalizes balance of liquids around eyes by reducing puffiness.

 shea butter; jojoba, avocado, apple seed, wheat germ oils; fennel, cyprus, bergamot, lavender essential oils.

Usage: apply the cream on the clean, wet orbital bone, not too close to the bottom lushes or the eye area. The oils will travel by themselves to the eye-socket area, and will not irritate the eyes.

Size: 30 ml.

1 review for Jojoba & Fennel Eye Cream

  1. 5 out of 5


    I’ve got to know your products through a Facebook prize draw.
    I’ve won two aromatic oils (cornflower & sage and moisturizing face oil) and a creamy mask for eye area… and all that in fact happened on my birthday.
    I couldn’t but fall in love… i’m that type of people, rare kind today by the way, for whom a scent is enough to fall in love with. Scent for me is highly important. Basically, my nose is my eyes.

    I’ve begun using all of the mentioned right away and noticed that my skin started to change… besides before sleep I gently massage my face, so both oils and mask are a great sleeping aid as well.

    I apply creamy mask for eye area all over my face… this mask is that good.
    When I saw you were gonna be participating in the Design Market, I’ve had no doubts to come there and say thanks in person and obviously to buy more stuff. At the market I’ve also got free sample of your herbal composition for dry skin.
    I, as a genuine appreciator of Ayurveda, was simply melting away from a completely recreated – you’ve made it! – ubtan experience…
    Last week I did scrubbing twice… even though my skin is very sensitive (I guess, after being treated by your oils my skin’s sensitivity has turned into sensuality)
    And the final touch for my skin, which I honestly abuse and over-use all day long is lavender floral water. Oh yes, it’s so gorgeous.

    Everything you do is simply magnificent. I can feel passion in every can and bottle.
    With love, Inna Zuk.

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