Nettle and Flax Peeling Mask


this mask improves scalp blood circulation, tonifies hair bulbs, fights dandruff, revitalizes dry hair and repairs split ends. For best results use the mask with burdock or castor oil.

ground leaves of nettle, mint, sage, henna; ground flax seeds.
mix two table spoons of powder with warm water to gruel-like consistency. Then add 5-10 ml of burdock or castor oil to the resulting mixture and apply to wet scalp and hair with light massaging touches. We suggest to put a disposable cap on your head and then wrap it in turban or warm towel. It would be great if you can lie down for 20-30 minutes, have some tea and go to a steam room. To wash away the mask, you need to thoroughly rinse your head with water, and then wash it with a shampoo. The mask is to be used once a week.

186 ml


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